Take me please

Written, designed, directed by Olivér HEGYI

The movie is a presentation of a breakup, and everything after that: the boy is hesitant, the girl gets bored with it, the boy meets the girl’s new boyfriend, which is a bit more shocking than it was expected, the boy wants to escape, he believes his life is over, then they meet again, and fall in love again, but in the end they have to admit, that it really doesn’t work.

Producer: József FÜLÖP
Supervisor: Tibor BÁNÓCZKI
Consultant: Rita DOMONYI
Editor: Judit CZAKÓ
Music by: Olivér HEGYI
Sound design: Péter Benjámin LUKÁCS
Lipsync actors: Olivér HEGYI, Capucine MULLER, Girard EMIL, Péter Benjámin LUKÁCS