I would eat it if I could

Written, designed and directed by: Bence Hlavay

Marci, the main character in his twenties, bursts into her former residence, into the peaceful rural environment, on a crowded subway train. His friends welcome him and they go to their favorite place. On the way, it quickly becomes clear that Marci cannot settle back into the old idyll. He keeps wandering off and on. How can he return to this place with the help of his friends?

Music by: SYNONYMS (Gergely Matos, Kristóf Huszár)
Editor: KOVÁCS Domonkos
Sound design: PUSZTA Márk, SINKÓ Borbála
Consultant: RINGEISEN Dávid
Production manager: FARKAS Szandra
Compositor: LAZIN Damján
Backgrounds: HLAVAY Bence
Layout: Lauren CORY, SZEMES Zsanett, SZREMKÓ Bettina, ROLFESZ Tamás, HLAVAY Bence
Production assistant: SZOSZNYÁK Dominika
Technical assistant: BROVINSZKI László
Production supervisor: SIPOS Orsolya
Animation: LAZIN Flóra, Lauren CORY, ROLFESZ Tamás, FERENCZY András, RADICS Márta, TOBAI Botond, SZIGETI Máté, LAZIN Damján, Maximilian RUETH, HLAVAY Bence
Producer: FÜLÖP József