Fox Tossing

Written, directed, and designed by: MIRA Kristóf Zénó

A garden party is held in the park of the baroque castle: the landscape is idyllic, the company is cozy, the food is aristocratic, and everything is traditional and refined. At the same time, in the other part of the garden, cages rattle, ropes rustle, and foxes whine. From the initial idyll, the film slowly moves to another level of pleasure, and a cruel game of “fox throwing” begins, which becomes increasingly bloody and inhumane.

Consultant: GACS Réka
Editor: CZAKÓ Judit
Original music: Tomaso ALBINONI – The Modena Chamber Orchestra,
Sound design: PONGOR András
Animation production and postproduction: MIRA Kristóf Zénó
Producer: FÜLÖP József