Writtend, designed and directed by Tomek DUCKI

In a world of geared figures, where the rules are set and possibilities are limited, each individual runs along his or her own track. Sometimes there are encounters, brief moments of shared intimacy, but isolation and mechanized existence are the rule of the day. And then, sometimes, there’s a mistake…

Audience award, Bègles Les Nuits Magiques 2008
Best student film, Anim`est, Bucharest 2008
Grand Prix + Best Animated Film, Zabok Tabor Film Festival 2008
Special Prize, Animator, Poznan 2008
Golden Dove, Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film 2007
Cartoon d`or 2007 nominated
Lestra Audience Award, Special Jury Prize, Ljubljana ANIMATEKA 2007
Stuttgart Trickfilm 2007: Special Mention
best animation and youth film, Mediawave 2007
Grand Prix, critic`s prize, Art cinema prize KAFF 2007
Best animated film, MUUUVi 2008
Best student film, Monstra, Lissbon 2008
best animated film, Early Melons, Bratislava 2008
Greatly Underappreciated, Etiuda&Anima, Cracow 2007