About us

The Animation Community of MOME has been one of the leading creative workshops in Hungarian animation for more than 40 years. MOME Anim is not only a university training programme, but also one of the leading creative workshops in the Hungarian animation world. From the very first moment, our students learn the techniques of creation through the creative process and practice many aspects of making films, from applied filmmaking to the creation of unique works of art.

Beyond education, we engage in project, incubation and research activities with a focus on talent management and content development. Our production activities include various animation projects with national and international partners. We run the Kiskakas and Friss Kakas animation film days, exhibitions, film screenings, conferences and professional forums.

Over the past decade and a half, our work has received numerous international awards and our films have won prizes all over the world, from Cannes to Hiroshima, from Berlin to the Oscar shortlist. At these festivals, our graduates have received countless prizes and awards.

Our activities are part of the rich tradition of Hungarian animation, and we see ourselves as one of the guardians of this treasure, able to renew and revitalise it.

BA Study

The Animation BA focuses on the development of professional and theoretical knowledge and individual vision. Admission to the programme is conditional on outstanding visual and movement skills and knowledge of the cinematic language of form.
During the project-based training, students will produce at least one production per semester, typically in individual or group development sessions. By the end of the course, they will have their own portfolio and will be prepared to continue at MOME Anim MA level or to start a career.

With knowledge of different animation techniques, students will be able to apply the expressive forms of the genre in animated film production, as well as to work as designers and animators in film, television, communication and other projects using animation.


The projects and films produced in the framework of MOME’s animation courses reflect strongly on the world, on the issues that concern people in different ways, on the dilemmas that society faces. In addition, we regularly carry out joint projects in connection with anniversaries, special events or in collaboration with external partners.

MA Study

The MA in Animation will be available in English only from the academic year 2023/24. The Animation MA programme trains animation filmmakers, VFX directors and animation artists who can develop and execute animation projects, either independently or in coordination with a crew. The training has a strong focus on content development. In addition to the classic animation genres (short films, series), students will be able to master 360° content development and immersive technologies. From September 2023, in addition to the Film Director course, students will have the choice between the specialisations Videogame and Immersive Storytelling.

MOME Anim places a strong focus on talent management and content development. Various international training programmes offer graduates additional opportunities for networking, co-production development of projects, and exposure to the international animation community.