MOME Animation

The Animation community of MOME is one of the defining creative workshops and intellectual centres of Hungarian animation. Its scope of activities cover the operation of the university department running the animation BA and MA educational programs, while its work is defined by activities that reach beyond education.

Talent management and content development set in an international network are of significant role, an important outcome is the creation and operation of incubator programs.

Production activities are of key importance, in the framework of which animation project developments are commissioned by Hungarian and international partners, or realised in cooperation with them.

The acquisition of research topics examining the contemporary issues related to animation film in regional, historical or other contexts is also part of the workshop’s life.

For the wide public, MOME ANIM organises an animation filmfestival (KISKAKAS), as well as film premieres and exhibitions, while for the animation profession it offers conferences and other forums. The aim is to strengthen the progressive trends of Hungarian animation, and at the same time increase its international visibility and acclamation. All these processes help generations of young animation professionals to successfully start their career, and the vivification of the genre in Hungary and our European region.