Ferenc Rófusz

honorary associate professor, animation film director

World famous animator, animation film director and producer, who has created a wide range of short films, television series, advertisements, that have made him one of the most acclaimed Hungarian artists of our time. He has won numerous awards all around the world, among them an Oscar for his animated short The Fly, making him the only Hungarian animation film maker ever winning an Academy Award.

He started working in the Pannónia Film Studio in 1968, where later on his worked on the team of Johnny Corncob (János vitéz, 1973) and was the co-director working with Marcell Jankovics of the Gusztáv television series. His debut film was The Stone in 1974.

In the eighties he worked in Germany (at that time West Germany), then in 1988 moved to Canada, where he worked at Nelvana Studio.

In 1991 he founded his own studio called Super Fly Films. He returned to Hungary in 2002, and has since been working both in Canada and in his home country, Hungary.

Academy Award for Animated Short in 1981 – The Fly
Krakow Filmfestival, Don Quixote Award (1981) – The Fly
Stuttgart, Special Prize of the Jury (1981) – Deadlock
Ottawa International Animation Festival (1984) – Gravity

Areas of Teaching

MA: Applied animation

Selected works

Short films:
The Stone - 1974
The Fly - 1980
Deadlock- 1982
Gravity - 1984
Cease Fire! - 2002
Dog's life - 2004