Rastko Ciric

animation film director, graphic artist

Born in 1955. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), he graduated and finished Third Degree studies from the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade.

Member of ULUPUDS, ASIFA, Belgrade Ex-libris Circle (Secretary General), Art Directors Club Serbia.

Full Professor of Illustration at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade.

Professor of Animation and Head of the Animation Department at Dunav Film School, Belgrade.

Founder of the subject of Animation at the FAA, Belgrade and the FAA Animation Studio (2006).

Head of the Digital Arts Group of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade.

Fields of interest: graphic design (illustration, logo, poster, ex-libris, comic), art graphic, animation, music.

Selected works

The Circus Departs (1982); Stop (1983); It's Not Whether You Win or Lose (1984); Tango Ragtime (1985, Dunav Film); The Tower of Bababel (1988, Zagreb Film); Ogres and Bogies (1989, Avala film); Farty (1993); Light in A-Major (1995); Invisible and Poorly Visible Animal Species (1998, Dunav Film); Magician (1999); Wanted (2001); All Together on the Wireless Machine (2004); Metamorph (2005, Rastko Ciric & BS Group)