Jonas Raeber

animation film director, producer

Born 1968, he lives and works with family in Luzern, Switzerland.

Since 2004 signing as executive producer and Swiss co-production partner with SWAMP as executive studio for productions developed in and outside Switzerland.

He made the following animated films, and won many festival awards:

W.O.W (weh oh weh) 2004-2007, animated topical scetch series

Credo 2000, classical 2D and computer 2D, awarded among others at Krakau Int. Filmfestival, Award by the students of Cracow and Cairo Int. Filmfestival for Children, Silver Cairo

Grüezi (Hello) 1995, classical 2D, awarded among others with 2nd Prize short animated films, Zagreb 1996.

Hoffen auf bessere Zeiten (Hoping for better times) 1993, classical 2D cel-animation, awarded among others at Golden Mikeldi in Animation (1. Prize), Bilbao ’93 and Certificate of Merit, Chicago 1993

Patt (Stalemate) 1990, classical 2D, awarded among others with Silver Pigeon (2nd Prize) in Animation, Leipzig 1990