József Fülöp

Head of the Media Institute and leader of the Animation Department
Visual communication designer, illustrator, animation film director

Working as an art director, József Fülöp has lead the development of the program and the corporate image of different television channels and animation studios (Minimax, Varga Studio, Studio Baestarts, and so on), while directing animation advertisement spots, one-off short films and developing interactive content. He has designed characters for animation series and worked as an illustrator for international magazines (e.g. Readers Digest, Playboy, DU).

József Fülöp has been a lecturer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) since 2001, the leader of the Animation program since 2005, and he prepared the Hungarian animation BA and MA education programs, as well as the accreditation materials.

Receiving his DLA in 2007, he habilitated in 2011, his field of research being the study of the relationship between animation and new media.

He founded the animation department and has been its leader since 2010, and the head of the Media Institute since 2011. In the same year he was elected a member of the council of the Doctoral School at MOME where he also acts as a supervisor.

In addition to his role as a teacher, Jószef Fülöp oversees the international training programs of the MOME animation department and acts as the producer or diploma films.

He is a member of EADIM (European Academy of Digital Media); in his creative, designer work he focuses on the development of 360° media content.

Areas of Teaching

In the MA program
• Animation productions
• Diploma preparation presentation and practice module
• Master work supervision and consulting
Supervision at the Doctoral School, topics
• 360° content development
• Webdocu
• Animation content development

Selected works

Animation projects
• Nursery Songs (2008), Nursery Rhymes (2006)
• Jolan and Kukika (2001)
• Trip (1991)

Interactive projects
• Herr Hirny (2002 - )
• Beef Marmalade (2007)

Advertisement spots
• Kitekat – Squirrel (2009)
• T-Mobil – Xmas reindeers (2008)
• Kitekat – James Bond (2007)

Corporate images for television
• MINIMAX (2004-2006)
• HÍR TV (news channel, 2002)
• Aktuális – Magyar Televízió (Hungarian National Television, news program, 1997)
• Magyarok Cselekedetei – Magyar Televízió (Hungarian National Television, history program, 1996)
• a Reggel – Magyar Televízió (Hungarian National Television, morning program, 1991)

Corporate images
• Varga Studio (1994-2000, 2002)
• Saint Studio (2002)
• Studio Baestarts (2004)

• Reader’s Digest
• Playboy
• Konyhaművészet (gastronomy magazine)
• DU
• Kafeneió