Alexei Alexeev

animation film director

Alexei Alexeev has 16 years of animation experience, 12 years experience as director & supervisor of short cartoon films and TV series, took part in animation festivals, received several festival awards and certificates.

He is a director of animation films, but also works as animator, art director, lay out and storyboard artist, as well as postproduction supervisor.

He started his career as animator in Pilot Studio, Moscow, and later became animation director of Varga Studio Budapest.

Presently he is Creative Director of  Studio Baestarts.

2004-2005 Creative Director of  Studio “Baestarts”, Budapest

2000-2004 Creative Director of “Varga” Studio, Budapest

1997-1999 Animation director in Varga Studio in Budapest.

1991-1998 Animation director in Pilot Studio, Moscow.

1990-1996 Co-author of comics’ series (Museum of Comics, Belgium)

1989-1991 Animator in Studio “Pilot”, Moscow