Animation BA

In MOME’s Animation BA program the development of professional skills and theoretical knowledge, as well as that of a personal approach is of key importance.

The different rounds of the entrance exam also focus on questions related to general cultural knowledge, cooperativeness and professional skills.

Regardless of using digital or analogue, traditional or computer technics, students are expected to excel in portrayal and developing movement, as well as in cinematic expression. Learning the basic rules of storytelling, the authentic presentation of characters, animation production design, background and character design at a high level is also an important part of the educational process. All these are realised in the framework of a project-based process, during which each student prepares at least one short film per semester. Typically, both personal and team projects are part of the training, from time to time students work in teams to make a film.

Thanks to the expansive international relationship network of MOME ANIM, as a further possibility, students can spend a semester, or two at animation and film schools around Europe, and can even do their professional practice at international studios.

At the end of the training, students present their most successful works made during the three-year program in so-alled BA portfolios, in which the unique productions created on the basis of a topic provided by the department are in focus.

Animation MA

MOME’s Animation MA program trains animation film directors, VFX directors and animation artists who are capable of developing and realising animation projects by working independently or leading entire film crews.

At the entrance exam, in addition to the portfolio of the applicants, a personal creative program, a contemporary approach, as well as an open attitude towards social, economic and technological aspects are all important. The program is available in English as well, and content development is one of its main focuses. Different methods of development are part of the educational process, and through them the different possibilities of classical animation genres (short films, series), as well as contemporary tendencies (360° content development) can be tried.

Participants of the program can make a several minute film during the first year, which gives them the opportunity to gain experience as a director leading a film crew prior to making the diploma films.

The second year of the program is about the preparation and realisation of the diploma film. The topic and the genre is freely chosen by the students who have to carry out their own programs. Thanks to an agreement between MOME and the Hungarian National Film Fund, a separate budget is available for the diploma films that are managed by MOME ANIM and sent to festivals, while distribution and promotion are also offered for the best works.

The different international training programs (ASF, A4C) of MOME ANIM offer further possibilities for graduates. The young directors can expect possibilities for networking, the coproduction development of projects, an entrance to the international scene, thus a successful start of their career.