Organised for the 13th time in 2014, Monstra festival (13th Lisbon Animated Film Festival,  between13th and 23rd March 2014) welcomes Hungary as the guest of honour, thus Hungarian animation will have a special attention in the program of the festival. The creative director of Monstra, Fernando Galrito asked the Animation department of MOME to prepare the ID film of the festival. So MOME Anim announces a competition for its present and former students to create the 2014 Monstra ID film.

Applications complete with the concept of the ID spot (descripton), visuals and the script with pictures is to be sent by email ( before 9th December 2013.

Following that the management of Monstra selects the winning project.

The final animated ID spot has to be made before 1st February 2014, when a 20 and a 30 second version is to be handed, and – if the winning concept is fit for it – the ffestival would be happy to use a max. 2 minute version as well.


  • As for content, there are are no restrictions in developing the Monstra 2014 ID. The concept can be based on visual and/or narrative gegs, can present a mini story, can be built on artistic ideas, can associate to the specialities of animation, and so on.
  • The aim of the ID is to present the festival experience, to build its image, build emotional connections with the audiance and at the same time present basic info about the festival: dates, venue, URL.
  • The only obligation os that the visuality of the festival’s official poster must be presented in the ID spot. You do not have to create the final shot on that basis, but has to be placed at some part of the animation, along an independent dramaturgical concept.

The winner of the competition, thus the creator of the Monstra 2014 ID spot (if its a team, then max. 3 persons) can travel to Lisbon for the festival (accomodation and meals included). MOME Anim covers part of the trip this awarding the winning work.

Deadlines and materials to be submitted:

Deadline for submitting competition materials (visual design, script, concept): 9th December 2013
Results of the competition: 20th December 2013
Deadline for submitting the ID spot: 1st February 2014

Further information:
Orsolya Sipos
MOME ANIM project manager
06 20 521 9879,