MOME Anim graduation film competing in Annecy

Bond, the MOME Anim diploma film of Judit Wunder has been selected to compete in the Graduation Film program of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival this year. The animated short follows many MOME Anim films at one of the world’s most prestigious animation festivals, as in previous years, among others, The Noise of Licking, Symphony No. 42., Tale, Rabbit and Deer, Heritage have all been screened in the competition program of Annecy.

The short film titled Bond (original title: Kötelék) is about a woman who lives in complete solitude trying it hard to find love. She meets a shadow creature that looks like a cat… New bonds evolve as she gives birth to three kittens, but the creature disappears and she is left with the happiness of motherhood and the loss of her lover.

The Hungarian premiere of the film is at this year’s KISKAKAS Animation Celebration organised by MOME Anim on the 28-29 April in Budapest’s Told Cinema.

The trailer of Bond on Vimeo. Bond on Facebok.

Director: Judit Wunder
Sound Design: Tamás Beke
Composer Violin: Gergely Balázs
Musical Director: Gergely Buttinger
Lead Animator: Attila Bertóti
 József Fülöp
Editor: Judit Czakó