How the World Began

The TV series project of Iván Tamás based on his MOME Anim diploma work How the World Began is now being produced by MOME Anim with Proton Cinema as the coproduction partner.

The project has already participated in the 2015 edition of Cartoon Forum, which is a pitching & co-pro forum for animated TV projects. For 3 days, producers had the opportunity to pitch their project in front of 850 broadcasters, investors and other potential partners from 30 countries. Since its creation in 1990, 594 series found financing, representing a total budget of 2 billion EUR.

The pilot episode of How The World Began premiered in 2013. The 6 minute 2D computer animation is the adaptation of the Indian tale “The Beginning of the World”. The story begins with a mighty, conceited persian Wrestler, who one day hears a rumor about an Indian wrestler who is even mightier than he is. He sets out at once to find and defeat his Indian rival. A hysterical elephant, a nimble-footed old lady and her kleptomaniac daughter, 160 silly camels and a great flood are all essential for the persian Wrestler’s own venture to finally develop into a true tale of genesis.