A4C (Adapting for Cinema) – you can now apply for next year!

Adapting for Cinema is a workshop focused on adapting literary works to film. It was created by Scuola Holden/Italy, London Film School/UK and Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest/Hungary.

12 European participants (4 producers, 4 writers, 4 visual artists) with the support of professional trainers will work together in different groups with the mission of adapting 4 books for the screen.

The main aim of this training is to help participants gain experience of the adapting process and in the same time focus on the different aspects of the same process (on writing, on producing, on visuals).

How to apply?
In order to apply each applicant will have to send:
• a CV in European format
• a letter of motivation

Participants will have also to send a creative adaptation outline based on Collodi’s Pinocchio, which relates to their specialism of producing, screenwriting or visual design.

For the screenwriters
Each participant will have to send an adaptation of the following scene from Pinocchio (with dialogues – no more than 3 pages – in American script format.
Ext. the Field of Miracles Night
“The Fox and the Cat are digging in the ground to get Pinocchio’s coins. But they start fighting.”

To: Simone Fenoil, europe@scuolaholden.it

For the producers
Each participant must send a production statement about adapting Pinocchio (no more than 5 pages)

To: Suzy Gillett, s.gillett@lfs.org.uk

For the visual artists
Each participant must send a portfolio and their own vision of adapting Pinocchio.

To: Györgyi Falvai, falvai@mome.hu

For further info visit the A4C web site.